Building a Business Website is a complex and time-consuming process, so if you’re starting from scratch, it’s not the best idea to do it yourself. You may be better off enlisting the help of a professional web developer.

To get started, you’ll need to gather some information about your business. This includes things like:

Your company name

Your address

Your phone number

Your email address

You’ll also need information about your website’s purpose and target audience. This can be gathered through market research or by talking to potential customers. Once you have this information, it’s time to get building your website.

Once you’ve gathered the necessary info and have made an educated decision about a web development partner, how do you go about hiring them?

Getting a web developer is easy with Amin Technologies. We’re simply the best place for getting in touch with top web designers that can build any type of business site from scratch or modify one of our existing websites. Simply browse through our Projects page to view portfolios and then connect via email if interested.

Building a Business Website a Small Business Guide

1. Determine the primary purpose of your website

The primary purpose of my website is to provide information about products and services. Will you be using it for advertising or content promotion? The type of information that would need to go on each page will also help determine the purpose. If you’re going to put a lot of information on one page, you will need adequate bandwidth and storage space.

Getting traffic from your website should be the final goal for any business looking to succeed online.

The number one reason for failure is lacking traffic and not knowing how or where to increase it.

AminTechnologies is interested in growing your email subscriber list which can be done via targeted advertising as well as promoting events on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin using an automatic follow up program.

2. Decide your domain name

The domain name for your new website will be the name of your company, organization, or project. Make sure that you choose a name that is easy to remember and spell. Having a name that is too long or hard to remember makes it difficult for visitors to find you on the Internet.

3. Choose a web host

There are many web hosts to choose from. Once you’ve chosen a hosting company, be sure to read through their terms and conditions so you know what your rights and responsibilities are.

Amin Technologies also Offer SSD Cloud-based web hosting for your website with 99.99% Uptime. We offer 24/7 dedicated support if you have any Issues. Our Hosting Servers are based in Texas, USA.

4. Build your pages

  • 1. Choose the template that best suits your needs

With Amin Technologies website builder, there are many different templates for business websites that can be customized to fit your specific needs. You can choose from a basic template or one with more design features.

  • 2. Add your company information

Your contact information, including your name and contact information, should be included on the business page. You may also include a photo or logo if you want.

  • 3. Add your website and other relevant information

If you have a website address or other pertinent information that you want to include, you can include it on the business page. Include your company’s mission statement, mission statement, location and speciality if this is important to your business.

  • 4. Add text and images to your website

If you want to add text or images to your website, you can use the following free tools:

Textarena: This tool lets you easily add text and images to your website.

GIMP: This software is widely used for editing images, and it has a built-in editor for adding text and graphics to websites.

  • 5. Customize your pages as needed

As we mentioned earlier, With Amin Technologies web site Builder, each page on the website is customizable to fit your specific needs and business. You can add or remove sections, change colours, fonts and more – all to make sure your site looks exactly the way you want it to.

5. Set up your payment system (if applicable)

You can choose from payment gateways such as PayPal, WorldPay etc. The payment system you choose will assure the safety of your customers. It is safer to give them a secure checkout found in GDPR and PCI DSS standards imposed by major companies like Google, Visa etc.

6. Test and publish your website

One key thing to remember – it is always good to test before publishing. This will make sure you do not have any formatting issues even if the site looks fine on your computer screen. It’s likely that a few changes still need making and finding these could save you from numerous headaches after publication, including accounting for pages missing in Google Analytics etc .

7. Market your website on social media.



Facebook, and

Google Plus.

Business website FAQs

How much does a business website cost?

The cost of a business website can vary depending on the type of website and whether or not you have already created a website. However, common costs for setting up a basic website range from around $2,000 to $5,000.

But with Amin Technologies, your website will be built, hosted and maintained with dedicated support for less than $60 a month.

Note: The Package will include Content Management System, so you can update anything, anytime.